Nora Eglesz – Professional, Vegan & Cruelty-free Make-Up Artist

You have a special day ahead of you…

…and want to enjoy your dream styling….

You want to master this challenge with ease and look back on these moments with joy.

Meet Nora Eglesz…

Nora is based in Vienna and has been an internationally sought-after makeup artist for over a decade now.

She has styled international film stars such as Oscar winners Tilda Swinton & Vanessa Redgrave, Emmy winner John Sweeney and the Austrian cabaret artist Josef Hader.

She has also worked with top multinational companies, brands & events such as the Viennale, Lifeball, the vegan summer festival Berlin, Austrian Airlines, Billa, Raiffeisen, Prosieben/Puls 4, the newspaper “Falter” and many, many more!

Thus she radiates calm and confidence even under the greatest stress and tight deadlines.

You can sit back and relax on a challenging day and concentrate on your performance.

Plus!: She only works with vegan and cruelty-free make-up, so you can have your make-up and style with a clear conscience!

Customized styling according to your personal wishes

Nora’s clients appreciate her sensitive, humorous and empathetic nature, whereby she attaches great importance to understanding the wishes of her clients in detail and accepts every challenge with enthusiasm.

No matter if film sets, photo shoots, wedding make-up, simple everyday looks or special effects requests, Nora’s make-up will give you the perfect finish, exactly when all eyes are on you.

She attaches great importance not to put you in a pigeonhole and thus to work together respectfully, patiently and with the necessary composure and concentration.

Contact Nora now…

…to create an unforgettable look, to be the most beautiful version of yourself and of nobody else…

Look back on your perfect day with joy and a smile, because the memory remains forever