Andrea Sojka

*Nora does magic – with vegan and 100% Cruelty Free products…*

I was born in Hungary, raised in Germany but built up my life in Vienna (Austria). Since I can remember, my captivation and passion for Make-Up, Hair, Beauty and Styling in general has been enormous; As far back as my teenage years at boarding school, I always took care of the make-up and hair of my companions.

After years of learning-by-doing, I started a cooperation with a cosmetics company in 2009, where I learnt a lot about Skincare, Make-Up and selling strategies. In 2011 I final made my dream come true and completed a Make-Up-Artist training in Linz (Austria), became a DuraLash Stylist in Munich (Germany), in 2014 made an Airbrush-Make-Up training in Budapest (Hungary) and a course about ‘Selfmade Make Up’ in Vienna (Austria). In 2019 I participated at Sian Richards workshop at IMATS in London/UK and in 2020 I accomplished several online masterclasses held by Danessa Myricks, Einat Dan, Sara Hill and more. I love to learn new things and broaden my horizon, this is why I continue to plan further training sessions.

As I’m a very creative, curios person who easily adapts to new situations/clients it is effortless for me to take part in a lot of different work environments, like bridal styling, photo shoots, film projects, music-video projects, television broadcast shootings, theatre productions etc.; furthermore, creating looks for special occasions (e.g. LifeBall, Rosenball), teaching women how to do their own make-up and being part of the creative process of planning a music video or film project.

Why vegan and cruelty free? For the balance.

Since 2007 I have been Vegetarian, mainly because of health issues, and since 2013 I changed to a fully vegan lifestyle. At the beginning unconsciously and now on purpose I only use cruelty free products, because testing on animals is cruel and unnecessary. Furthermore there is no ‘un-cruel’ option to separate animal (by-) products, that’s the reason why I use vegan material only.

As I love the diversity and new discoveries, since my conversion, I continue to research almost non-stop to find better / more efficient / simply awesome products, for my clients and me, which are also suitable to my requirements by being vegan, cruelty- free and preferably all with ‘good’ ingredients!