Loveletter to mascara!

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Loveletter to mascara!


Dear Mascara,

a client recently told me that she has never let you near her eyes in her whole life. 


Probably there was even a little tear falling down from my eyelids that were surely equipped with water-resistant mascara, UFF! My strong emotions for you are obvious, I LOVE mascara! And in 99% of the time you make my clients and me smile, but not cry. I am burning for you and with these lines I want to express my highest gratitude towards your versatile characteristics. 


In photography and film your revolutionary darkness has found a perfect platform to show off with its alluring effects. No other product can turn a person’s life upside down – within one blink of an eye. No other product has been enjoying such unbroken popularity in my crazily equipped make-up case. Seriously, give me ten seconds with my mascara and I make a person stellar lights around her eyes.


FUNFACT: In 1890 the Century Dictionary defined the word mascara “a kind of paint used for the eyebrows and eyelashes by actors.” You are not an actor? Call yourself lucky! You are living in modern times where there are 12 million daily users, in Germany only! That’s nearly 15 percent of the whole population. But with that the problem is clear: Because every woman and man is gifted with individual eyes and eyelids, I cannot present to you THE recipe for one perfect mascara. BUT I can support your quest for products with perfect ingredients, vegan and without animal testings included. So let me start my letter all over again:


Dear vegan and animal testing free mascara,

first of all: Thank you for existing! Second: Thank you for only consisting of a natural creme basis, a bit pigment and some wax. Boom, done! And third: Thank me for fighting for your popularity! Here I want to present my favorite mascaras that I can happily recommend with pure conscience.

The ”Lily Lolo – Big Lash Mascara“ is the perfect choice for dense volume.

the “PuroBio Cosmetics – Impeccable Mascara” is the right approach for a completely natural look.
(both available at see my affiliate link below)

If you are a bride and know that flowing tears are inevitable, this waterproof Mascara is your No.1 choice: “elf – lenght and volume mascara

And last but not least a very water-resistant, curl holding, thikening and lengthening, solid choice from the drugstore: “The Balm – What’s your type? ‘the body builder’ mascara
(both available at Müller Drogeriemarkt in A, D, H)

Alluring, tempting and expressive – mascara is a MUST for every age. You don’t want to make me cry again, do you?