About me

Nora Make-Up-Artist and specialist for vegan makeup.

Nora Eglesz

I was born in Hungary, grew up in Germany, but my life takes place in Vienna/Austria.
Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by make-up, hair, beauty and styling in general – it has always been a great passion for me.

I still remember that when I was a teenager at boarding school, I always took care of my friends’ make-up.

Why learning by doing is more than just a phrase for me

After years of learning by doing, I started a collaboration with a cosmetics company in 2009, where I learned the finer points of skin care, make-up and sales strategies. Then, in 2011, I fulfilled a dream and finished my training as a make-up artist in Linz/Austria.

I became a DuraLash stylist in Munich/Germany. Then in 2014 I followed the airbrush make-up training in Budapest/Hungary and a course on “homemade make-up” in Vienna/Austria. Furthermore, I took part in a workshop by Sian Richards at IMATS in London/UK in 2019 and completed several online masterclasses by e.g. Danessa Myricks, Einat Dan, Sara Hill and many more in 2020. I love to broaden my horizons and learn new things. That’s why I’m constantly educating myself.

As I am a very creative, curious person who quickly adapts to new situations and clients, I love to work in different areas such as bridal styling, photo shoots, film projects, music videos, TV broadcasts, theatre productions, etc. This also includes special events (Einat Dan, Sara Hill, etc.). This also includes special occasions (for example: Lifeball, Rosenball), coaching other women how to creatively conceive and implement their own make-up, or even being involved in the planning of music video and film aesthetics.