Top brands whose products I use – vegan & 100% crueltyfree

Find here some brands I use and love – professionaly as well as privatly. And recommandations for products I especially love from the brand. In my opinion one brand cant’t and wont satisfy all your needs….you got to love the diversity!

The here listed brands are all 100% crueltyfree (their mother company as well, if there is one!) and:
– some are completely vegan,
– other brands inform their customer on their homepage or in special lists online which products are vegan,
– and there are products where my analysis of the ingredientlist showed that they do not contain any animal derived substances.

Some websites I like to shop on (in addition to the brands own websites):

Longtime love – professional MakeUp from the USA the multifunctional MakeUp/Concealer palettes are wax-based with sensational pigmentation up to 50%!!!

MakeUp colored with fruit pigments – 100% vegan, animal-free and natural ingredients – especially fantastic are lipsticks, cream eyeshadows!

A sensational MUA has developed sensational MakeUp – great Colorfix love – versatile, colorful, fantastic!

One of my classics – Italian bio MakeUp in fantastic quality and pigmentation – special recommendation: eye shadow and liquid MakeUp!

Completely vegan, animal-free and always the latest trends – especially super products: Blush, bronzer and lip gloss!

Danish company with ‘vegan’ label – excellent waterproof products, such as lipliner, kajal!

Berlin company completely vegan with many great colors and sensational quality – all highly recommended!

Mineral MakeUp from England – elegant outside top quality inside with many vegan products – best BB Cream and Mascara!

A Swedish MUA that has developed fantastic and sensationally working makeup – eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyeshadow primer – unbeatable!

French vegan organic makeup that impresses with the highest quality and is refillable – especially great are eye shadows, lipsticks and loose powder!

A Latvian company with great ingredients and also top skincare products – liquid eyeshadow and highlighter are especially fun!

Milanese makeup company, very creative and functional with great quality – super mascara, eye shadow and contour powder!

The next Italian brand with many vegan products and excellent quality – extra great are the eyeshadows, liquid makeup, brushes and eyebrow pomade!

The next Italian brand with many vegan products and excellent quality – extra great are the eyeshadows, liquid makeup, brushes and eyebrow pomade!

Brand from the USA, completely vegan, fun for the extra ‘blingbling’ effect – fantastic highlighter and everything that shimmers!

Professional aqua makeup palettes for body painting and creative in super quality and great coverage!

Sensational synthetic brushes and sponges – my first brush love!

German natural cosmetics company with many vegan products – super pressed powder and great care!

A classic from the drugstore, many vegan products – sensational waterproof mascara!

Playful brand from the USA with great cult products – sensational bronzers, highlighters, matte liquid lipsticks!